Thanks for your interest in volunteering!

We are so thankful for everyone who has helped us make this event a success-- it would not be possible without our volunteers. Contact us if you are interested in volunteering.

Types of Volunteers Needed

  • Coaches

  • Readers*: Read books & help write questions

  • Judges*: Read books & judge contested answers on competition days

  • Question Sifters*: Help edit & narrow down first drafts of questions to get them into their final format (a team of people work on this)

  • Moderators: Read questions to the teams on competition days. Say "incorrect" or "correct".

  • Assistant Moderators: Help Moderator by keeping time (given a stopwatch).

  • Other Competition Day help: check-in, score sheet collectors, photographers, IT, scoring squad (entering scores into a spreadsheet), food help, hallway helpers, room set-up, etc.

...And more!

In the spring, we hold a training for Moderators & Assistant Moderators (& other interested volunteers). See On the Calendar for when this takes place.

If you're interested in training videos or materials, see Prepping.

*These positions require the volunteer to not be associated with a competing team.