Moderator Training: March 10th, 2022 6:00-7:00pm (virtual)

Types of Volunteers Needed

Coaches: With every team, there needs to be at least 1 coach. 6-10 fourth and fifth graders per team. If you are willing to be a coach, more teams can be created.

Readers: Teams will submit questions that can be used in the battles, but we'd love for additional questions to be submitted by people who read books from our list. Also, we will have a "Reader's Room"- a room for our readers (cannot be team members, coaches, or relations to participants) on the day of the competition - to decide whether contested answers will be awarded to teams, and a few volunteers will be needed.

Question Sifters: With all of the submitted questions, we will go through and make sure that there is only one answer, the questions are divided equally in difficulty, and that the wording is not confusing.

Competition Day Moderators: In battles, we need someone who will speak clearly and loudly to read the questions to the teams (although we hope to project the questions as well).

Other Helpers on Competition Days: Timekeepers, people helping teams to the appropriate rooms, people to check-in teams, tech assistance, and runners (people available to run things from room to room whenever necessary, our communicators) will be needed.

Support for our teams: Anyone who wants to visit our teams and help them, serve as an assistant coach, or market the event before registration would be helpful.

Fundraisers: If you'd like to hold an event or help with "asks" for money to help buy books for next year's competition and so forth, we'd love the help.

Two-three weeks before the competition date (tentatively March 12th, 2018), we will have a meeting with everyone who will be volunteering on our competition days. This is required. We want to make sure our students get the best experience possible.

Contact us if you are interested in volunteering!

For a printer-friendly handout with volunteer information, click here.