Battle of the Books Donation

There are costs that come with a large event like this, and any donation you can contribute will be well used and much appreciated. 

Thanks to Our Past Donors!

Books for a Better World, Inc.

Without Books for a Better World, Battle of the Books would not be here today. With a similar mission of spreading the joy of reading to others, they took us under their wing for the first few years and helped us get our start. 

Altrusa International of Evansville, Inc.

 They have donated money to help us buy books for participants. What a great feeling it has been to be able to provide teams with books to read for the next year's competition!

And all of our individual donors... what you give makes a difference. Thank you so much!


Through the ALCOA Action Grant which serves our local community & the time and hours that volunteers from ALCOA gave to our competition, we received funds that helped support the running of the competition each year.