Past Design Selections

2023 T-Shirt Design Contest (chosen by Kristi Valiant)

Laila Kuhn, West Terrace Elementary 

The drawing of the book is adorable and clear, the overall design has a nice focal point, and 'Bring on the books!' is a fun tagline for this year's shirt.

2022 T-Shirt Design Contest (chosen by Julia Starr)

Morgan Fontenot, Stringtown Elementary

Out of all the designs, this one stood out from the rest because of its fun and unique lettering. I liked how the artist made the letters look three dimensional in the word 'battle,' making it really stand out. The design also has nice contrast with the bold letters in the word 'battle' vs. the soft, cloud-like lettering in the word 'books.' The design is large and easy to read, which makes it perfect for a t-shirt design. 

2021 T-Shirt Design Contest (chosen by Michael Bartholomew):

Aspen Eifert, Yankeetown Elementary

"The design was specifically chosen for its visual appeal which invites one to become a 'book hero' stressing the importance of winning the battle for higher learning through reading."

2020 T-Shirt Design Contest (chosen by Scott Laugel):

Grayson Carter, Yankeetown Elementary 

2019 T-Shirt Design Contest Winner (chosen by Kristi Valiant)

Evelyn Cantrell, Hebron Elementary

2018 T-shirt Design Contest Winner (chosen by Kristi Valiant)

Brilee Knight, Highland Elementary

2017 T-shirt Design Contest Winner (chosen by Kristi Valiant)

Olivia Hudson, Stringtown Elementary