Each team will have a coach and optional assistant coaches. The role of the coach is to model good “readersmanship” (sportsmanship) and to support the team in preparing for the competition.

Who can be a coach?

Any librarian, teacher, staff member, parent/guardian, community member, or college student who likes to read, and likes working with fourth and fifth grade students can be a coach.

If a non-employee coach works independently with individual team members at the school, be sure to check with your school office about filling out any necessary paperwork for doing this.

What kind of time commitment is this?

This is up to you and your team! Come up with a plan that will work for you for meeting with your team. Be realistic and don't over commit. You can always start having less practices and increase. Remember too that if you meet with your team, it can be as relaxed as people having time to read books!

What if our team gets last place?

That' s okay! The Parade of Readers is to celebrate all of our readers, regardless of if they answered questions correctly. Being a part of this competition means that you have read some books that have possibly changed the way you look at the world, which is an indispensable treasure for yourself and for the people you will meet in the future.

Do I have to read all of the books on the list?

No! The more you read though, the more questions you'll have a chance at answering correctly (and the more you'll be able to help out your teammates)!