We love the traditional format and would love to return to this in the future. Due to facility restrictions, we have an alternate version of the competition for 2023 (similar to 2022) that is also very fun, where everyone is in the same big room with one MC. Every year is a learning experience and we might have to keep some goodies from the last few years as we go forward too (like super bonus questions).

Click Here to Watch an Example Battle! (Video is in traditional format)

Important Notes for 2023

  • Memorization of titles, authors, & illustrators will not be necessary this year. A list will be provided for every battle.

  • Battle materials will be adjusted (from 2022) to increase time efficiency (i.e. scoring will be on Big Score Sheets only)

What does a battle look like?

  • 6 team members per team

  • ~10 questions each

  • 30 seconds first time the question asked (15 seconds for rebound questions)

Teams sit in two separate huddles (up to 6 team members actively participating per team for a battle), and each team elects a spokesperson. The moderator will ask each team 10 questions, alternating between the two teams. After the moderator asks a question to the first team, the team has 30 seconds to discuss the question and have their spokesperson give an answer. If the answer is incorrect, then the other team gets a chance for a “rebound.” The moderator reads the question again, and the second team has 15 seconds to give an answer.


  • 5 pts each, 1 pt for rebound

Each question is worth 5 points (correct book title, author(s) and illustrator). Only the last name of the author or illustrator is required. If the first team gets the question wrong, “rebounds” answered correctly by the opposing team are worth 1 point. The last question of each battle is a free response question and scored in the same fashion: correct response 5 points and rebounds 1 point.

At the end of the series of battles, the top two highest scoring teams will be announced at the Readers' Celebration as 1st and 2nd place! These two teams will then face each other in a special Readers' Celebration Round at the Readers' Celebration. The questions will be slightly different in this round, asking for a detail from the book.


There will be prizes awarded to the top two teams, but what they are is a secret! We think the biggest reward of all, though, is the pride of doing your best in the competition. Our Parade of Readers is to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of every participant.