Thank You

A BIG thanks to...

The teachers & librarians who have encouraged us along the way: without you, we wouldn’t have thought this event possible.

Our coaches: You are our heroes. Every team needs a coach, and we thank you for your incredible support of our young readers outside of your other life commitments. You are changing the world.

Our students & parents: for your enthusiasm towards reading, your positive attitudes, and the dedication you have to enriching your education!

All who helped us get started: Brandi Clahan, Evansville School Corporation; Sean Davis, Evansville Public Libraries (fountain of information!); Molly Hyde, Highland Elementary; Shane Browder, Plaza Park International Prep Academy (being accommodating with a facility & all of the resources needed!); the teachers, coaches, librarians, and parents who believed in this program, spread the word, and embraced it when it was in the making! The giving of all of these people have helped this program blossom into what it is today.

And so many others…

It takes a large team to make an event like this come together. Thanks to everyone who put a positive word out about Battle of the Books and all who have supported us in the running of and preparing for this competition.