Deadlines & Forms

Important Dates

  • October 15th, 2022:

    • Submit Team Registration form (just one form per school/group)

    • Submit book recommendations for next year by emailing us

  • Feb 1st, 2023: Submit t-shirt design submissions by Google Drive (will also accept by mail or email)

  • Tentatively March 9th, 2023 at 4:00-5:00pm (virtual): Coaches' Meeting

    • T-shirt Order Forms & money

  • Tentatively March 25th, 2023: Team Rosters due by email (or shared on Google Drive)

  • Tentatively April 13 & 14 or April 20-21 2023: Battles! (Don't forget your team's Photo Release Forms)

  • Tentatively April 14 or 21: Battles & then Readers' Celebration 6:30-7:30pm

Team Registration

      • Fill out Team Registration Form

      • Due October 15th, 2022

      • Pay registration fee with PayPal or by mail.

Log in to PayPal, click "Send" and search for our email address ( or our username (IndianaBOB).

See Contact Us for our contact information.

1-2 teams per school are usually permitted if the competition is live. Team rosters are not due until the spring.

Full Calendar

  • Aug/Sept: Announce Battle of the Books tournament during elementary open houses

  • First Day of School:

    • Teams may begin to conduct meetings and practices formally or informally

  • Aug/Sept: “Release” book list to interested students (if they haven't already seen it)

  • Oct.15th:

    • Team registration & $20 fee due.

  • Nov-Dec:

    • Send suggestions for 2023-2024 book list

    • 2024 book list is created

  • Oct-April:

    • Read and practice!

    • Memorize titles, authors, & illustrators (check out quizlet in Resources)

    • Write & submit questions for tournament battles

    • Develop strategies for battles

    • Conduct mock battles, review rules and scoring

    • Arrange for transportation to B.O.B. tournament if live

    • *Send home permission slips for B.O.B. tournament if required

    • Photo release forms signed

  • Feb. 1st:

  • March 9th:

    • Coaches' Meeting (Mandatory)

    • Moderators' Meeting-- T-shirt orders due

  • March 25th:

    • Deadline for turning in team rosters (by email)

  • April: Battles and Readers' Celebration

    • Photo Release forms due first day of competition