2022 Competition

The venue is different for 2022, so we will be formatting our competition a little differently!


Battles will all take place in the gym of the National Guard Armory. There will be one M.C. who will read the questions for everyone in the room. Teams will still be battling against one other team and have a moderator to help facilitate. Because there may be issues with sound carrying, the "spokesperson" will WRITE answers.

Regular Battles

For regular battles, each team will have a list with the titles of each book and a book number next to them. For most of the questions (normal questions), the spokesperson will write the book number, e.g. "Book 2". For the last question (bonus question), the spokesperson will write a short free response.

Title/Authors/Illustrators Battle (Battle 4, the last battle on day 1)

This round will require the title, author(s), and illustrator(s) (if applicable) to be written for the answers to each question. The titles will NOT be provided this round.

Readers' Celebration Battle

The Readers' Celebration Battle will have no changes to its format from the regular, live format. The spokesperson will stand and say the answer to the question. All answers will be in the bonus question (free response) format.

Additional Details and Resources

Battle Materials:

BOB Book Title List with Book Numbers (Regular Battles)

Team Answer Sheet (Regular Battles)

Team Answer Sheet (Title/Authors/Illustrators Battle)

Contested Answer Form

Big Answer Sheet (scorekeepers will record scores for all to see with a big version of this)


2022 Rules

2022 Coaches' Mtg PowerPoint Presentation

2022 Coach Responsibilities

See 2022 book list here

Deadlines & form information here (team rosters, photo releases)

See above for battle materials


2022 Moderators' Mtg PowerPoint Presentation

2022 Moderator Responsibilities

2022 Rules (will be in Moderator Packet)

See above for battle materials

The Competition Day tab has details regarding date and time of the event.