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It is our honor to announce the 2021 T-Shirt Design Contest Winner... Aspen Eifert!!!

Aspen Eifert
Yankeetown Elementary
4th Grade
Congratulations! Michael says: "The design was specifically chosen for its visual appeal which invites one to become a 'book hero' stressing the importance of winning the battle for higher learning through reading."

2021 T-Shirt Design Contest

Every year, teams have the opportunity to purchase t-shirts for ~$6/shirt, customized with the name of the team on the back. The design winner of our T-shirt contest will receive recognition at our Readers' Celebration ceremony and on our website and their team will earn FREE t-shirts!

Our judge this year will be Newburgh artist, Michael Bartholomew who has been involved in the field of advertising and fine art for the past 43 years. Michael has been recognized with top honors in local and regional art shows, including works in various private and corporate collections. Also, he has taught oil painting classes at the Evansville Museum and other art related venues. Since 2004, Michael currently serves as the "Graphic Design Specialist" at Christian Fellowship Church in Evansville.

4th & 5th graders participating in (or trying out for) Battle of the Books are eligible.

T-shirt Contest Guidelines
  • School appropriate
  • “Battle of the Books” clearly written somewhere in the design
  • Drawn by hand or digitally
  • No clipart or t-shirt website used
  • May not use or imitate images created by others (ex: clipart, covers to books, etc.)
  • One ink color
  • Should be a design that anyone participating in Battle of the Books would want to wear (So, school-specific or team-specific designs will not be competitive)
#1 Tip: Keep it Simple
This design needs to go well on a t-shirt, so keep it simple! 

#2 Tip: Be creative! The actual design, the concept for each design, how the design elements (line, dominance, scale, space, shape, etc.) work together to create a piece and what piece best speaks to the Battle of the Books event will all be considered when choosing a winner for the t-shirt design contest.

#3 Tip: Submit by the deadline! (Coaches)

  • Submit in Google Drive-- THIS IS BY FAR EASIEST FOR US
    • Create a folder in Google Drive. Name it with your school & team name (if possible)
    • Upload your t-shirt designs to it
    • Right click on the folder and click "Share"
    • Enter our email address and click "Done"
  • If your student is selected, be ready to provide to us: student’s first & last name, grade, and school name. If the student is willing to have their picture on our site, with parental permission, we would love to recognize them this way!
You may also submit by email.

2019-2020 T-Shirt Design Contest (chosen by Scott Laugel):
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2018-2019 T-Shirt Design Contest Winner (chosen by Kristi Valiant)

Evelyn Cantrell, Hebron Elementary

2017-18 T-shirt Design Contest Winner (chosen by Kristi Valiant)

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2016-17 T-shirt Design Contest Winner (chosen by Kristi Valiant)

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