Special Event Info

Before our Battle of the Books Competition for 2021, we have some fun Special Events (all virtual). Here's where you can learn more about them!

January 7th @ 6:30pm: Meet the Illustrator Presentation with Kristi Valiant
Participants will have a chance to meet (virtually) with a successful illustrator from the Evansville area and get a unique, behind-the-scenes look at what it looks like for her to do her artwork. Kristi is the illustrator of this year's Nelly Takes New York: A Little Girl's Adventures in the Big Apple. Kristi grew up in Wisconsin, studied in Ohio, lived in Texas, taught for a semester in China, and then moved to Indiana where she lives now. She is an incredible speaker who has been a great support to Indiana Battle of the Books since the beginning. We are happy to have her show us a little of her world. Read more about Kristi on her website: http://www.kristivaliant.com. We will send the meeting link via email.

Should there be some time for questions, come prepared with what you'd like to ask!

January 27th, 2021 @ 6:30: Meet the Author Q&A Session with Kekla Magoon
We are excited to announce that participants will have the chance to meet (virtually) with an award-winning author from this year's list. Kekla Magoon grew up in this very state-- in Fort Wayne, Indiana and wrote The Season of Styx Malone off this year's list. She has a long list of awards for the books that she's written for children and young adults, including three Coretta Scott King awards. She also was a National Book Award judge in 2017. Read more about her on her website: https://keklamagoon.com

We would love for students to have the opportunity to ask their questions or tell how Kekla's writing has impacted them (she would love to hear that)! Email any questions/impact statements by Friday, January 23rd. If a student will attend the event and would be open to reading their question or impact statement, please write the student's name next to what they wrote. We can call on them to read their question or statement (make sure they have a copy!). We will have 45 minutes to ask as much as we can :)! We hope to have time to open the floor to questions from the chat as well. We will send the meeting link via email.

February 17th, 2021 @ 6:30pm: The One and Only Ivan live virtual theater party
This incredible book was adapted into a movie by Disney and released August 21st, 2020 (during this pandemic)! We thought it would be fun to watch the movie together to inspire some good discussion (including movie vs. book). We will be using Scener-- anyone with a Disney Plus account will be able to join the viewing party and chat while the movie is playing! Popcorn party, anyone?

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